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Now an Informal Inactive retirees organization.  

Our web site is now in static state since the club has officially closed down as of December, 31, 2017.  Our "aging" retiree  membership failed to find candidates for multiple Offices within the club to continue operations.  Several serving officers wanted to "Retire" from their duties but club did not produce any willing candidates to fill the offices.  Thus without critical office positions - operations of the club could not be sustained.  However, Club Membership records are still being monthly if or as information becomes available. 
Club membership has access to reports on this website
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      Most Recent Updates:
        July  10, 2024 - Next Luncheon July 18, 2024.
        July  15, 2024 - (Membership Reports Updated)

       Club officially closed down as Dec. 31, 2017         

       Dec. 05, 2017 (News - December 2017 Newsletter) (Last Newsletter)